Stay Hydrated!

Well, well, springtime is coming just in a couple of weeks. It wouldn’t be too long after when summer arrives! Two years after the initial pandemic shutdowns, many of us are going back to in-person work environments, social events, and more. Are you ready? More importantly, is your body ready?

Has the pandemic left you in a sedentary state? I am sure a good portion of us have succumbed to a two-year pandemic body and are ready to shed the pounds. Real health experts recommend changing bad habits to good ones little by little. I drink coffee once a day and sometimes sweetened juices and fail to drink the suggested amount of water each day. One thing I plan to do is drink more fruit-infused water (every day if I can). I designed this helpful graphic during the pandemic and I plan to print it and hang it up as a reminder. Hope this can help you too!

Stay Hydrated
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